Let’s experiment together with new technology. 

The EDT AI Lab is a research and development initiative whereby the EDT team and our strategic clients collaborate to explore new product innovation ideas that leverage leading edge natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, libraries and technologies.

It provides an opportunity for our clients to engage in iterative, prototype-driven feedback cycles and to interact with our talented computational linguists, machine learning engineers, and data scientists as they explore the practical, tangible outcomes available through state-of-the-art technology.  

How does the EDT AI Lab work?

As EDT data scientists develop new utilities, they are made available to participants for download via the on-line AI Lab. Clients can then run each new utility, testing it locally on real datasets to explore the features and benefits and to provide feedback straight to our software engineers.

Once each utility is tested and endorsed by AI Lab participants, it becomes a candidate for incorporation into the traditional EDT software stack to augment the end-to-end case management workflow.

We’ve already released several utilities for our clients to test, and there are many more in the design or development phase.

If you are interested in joining AI Lab or would like more information, fill out our form and we'll send you all the details!