5 Things You Didn’t Know About EDT Software

I joined the EDT team back in January having spent several years working with, selling and consulting for the industry’s leading eDiscovery solutions. I have fashioned my career in purpose working with corporations, consultancies, legal service providers, government agencies and top law firms around the world. I suppose one can say that I have contributed to the evolution and growth of the eDiscovery industry and its technology.

Today, undoubtedly our industry technology is more advanced than ever. But, that race to be bigger & better has also come at a price. Literally and figuratively! And, increasingly, those of us developing software are hearing throughout the market that eDiscovery software has become bloated, too complicated and very, very expensive. We are hearing this across the board. Those most affected are firms and corporations without the budgets to support multi-million-dollar eDiscovery infrastructures. What we are really hearing is a call for change. The question is, are you listening?

EDT Software IS listening. There are a number of reasons that I was motivated to join EDT based on my previous contributions to the industry, and, to ultimately join the next evolution of eDiscovery software (or, should I say revolution?). How funny today is it to think it such a revolutionary idea for someone to create a low-cost, all-in-one eDiscovery platform that is easy for lawyers to use, can be installed anywhere, requires less infrastructure and can scale to meet large data volume demands? EDT is doing exactly that, and in so doing, we are bringing a dramatic change to the world of eDiscovery.

Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know, and should know about EDT Software.

Built for lawyers by lawyers. EDT is a woman-owned business, founded in Australia by Jo Sherman in 2002. Jo has degrees in law and computer science and extensive international experience in the application of technology to law. Since its launch, EDT Software has been designed by the lawyers on the EDT team working in collaboration with the lawyers who work with EDT on a day-to-day basis within our valued client base. This hands on, real world approach has ensured our software is relevant, results oriented and easy to use. This is vindicated by our long standing international client base of Global 100 and Magic Circle law firms, Fortune 20 corporations, government agencies, forensic experts, regulators and consulting service providers. Now based in NYC, EDT has quickly gained adoption in the U.S. and Canada by a number of law firms, legal practices and service providers.

One Platform for On-Premise, Cloud and Mobile. EDT is a truly integrated, end-to-end eDiscovery platform. From processing data, ECA, Review and Production, it was purposely built to meet the requirements of lawyers, regulators, consultancies and legal service providers. All data is centralized and there is no movement of data from one repository to another during the life cycle of a case. Addressing the ever changing practice & data requirements of our industry, EDT easily supports deployment options that are flexible and that won’t break your budget.

So Simple and Flexible…it can run on a Microsoft Surface tablet! Need to go onsite for aEDT Software Microsoft Surface 5 Things You Didn’t Know managed review, onsite project or investigation? EDT is lightweight enough to run on a Microsoft Surface tablet. Managing more complex matters? EDT can easily be deployed across a multi-server environment for distributed processing and review. Clients have managed everything from multi-terabyte matters in situ to large on-premises deployments handling over a terabyte of data per day.

Instantly Know Your Data, Project Costs and Check Proportionality. Built to load and index data quickly, EDT’s Early Case Assessment (ECA) component called Analyst provides immediate insight into the data. Plus, Analyst includes a customizable Estimator Tool that dynamically reports on project costs, budget estimations and runs a proportionality check.

Simple, Single Fee Licensing Starting at $2,750 Per Month. And, there are no data or user fees! With the most flexible licensing options in the market, EDT is deployable as a Server, Site, Enterprise, Cloud or Portable solution. Fees start at $2,750 per month for on-premises or internal cloud installs. And, as a project based portable solution, fees start at $3,200 per month. Additionally, EDT has a cloud offering—edt.Blue—an all-inclusive software plus infrastructure option that can be installed at 3rd party data centers around the world.

These are only 5 things you probably didn’t know, and I’ll gladly share more details with you about EDT Software’s capabilities. Contact me at charles@discoveredt.com to learn more, schedule a demo or conduct a pilot.

Viva EDT! Viva La Revolution!

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