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What’s Wrong With eDiscovery Today? Déjà Vu All Over Again

Jo Sherman and Tom O’Connor spoke on a webinar entitled “What’s Wrong with eDiscovery Today?” We didn’t want this to be another discussion of how TAR or analytics aren’t be used effectively but, rather, a look at the failed promises of technology as well as the human failures of eDiscovery. Both Jo and Tom felt strongly that the overall problem was indeed human, due to the way professionals approach eDiscovery in today's litigation world. Finally, they wanted to discuss how those problems could be fixed.
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Can Microsoft Office 365 Deliver eDiscovery Nirvana for the Left-Hand Side of the EDRM?

All the recent emphasis on using AI and predictive coding at the review stage of eDiscovery projects has led many, most notably Craig Ball, to comment that initial stages of such projects are overlooked. Neglecting the left side of the EDRM is problematic as failing to collect and preserve efficiently will lead to inefficient & ineffective review. We diagnose the problem, offer some solutions, and then raise some interesting questions.
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GDPR Meets eDiscovery

If you think the looming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is just a European anomaly that won’t have impact ‘across the pond’, think again. In the wake of the Facebook, Cambridge Analytica data breach, the GDPR will trigger a new privacy paradigm that will have broad, international ramifications.
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