Culling Data in the Dark? Why is ECA a lost art?

Why have so many people stopped doing Early Case Assessment properly – before the data is processed into a load file for a review platform?

Why don’t more litigators analyze their proposed search terms deeply and iteratively, testing them in conjunction with other metadata filters and analysis tools, looking at not only the numbers of document ‘hits’ but actually diving into the document text to ensure their terms are hitting the right documents, before committing to final culling criteria?

Why do so many people focus their proportionality assessment on the quantity of documents to be reviewed rather than the quality of those documents? What’s the point of being proportionate if you’re looking at the wrong documents?

Why do so many people think the use of analytics within a review platform is ECA? That’s not Early Case Assessment. It’s Too Late Case Assessment (TLCA) because the data has already been processed into a load file. That involves time, money and complexity and leads to irrelevant data bloating the review platform, even if it is quickly removed. And then, what happens if you need to bring that data back again… deep breaths. Deep, deep breaths.

Didn’t we sort all this out 5 years ago?

Please Think Differently.

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