December 2015 EDRM Webinar on Dealing with EU Data

Since early October when the Court of Justice of the European Union deemed the Safe Harbor regime for European data transfers to the US to be invalid, many organizations have struggled to evolve their information management strategies to accommodate the changing international data privacy landscape.

While there are concerted diplomatic efforts underway to establish a robust new trans-Atlantic data transfer framework, the negotiations, are intrinsically linked to personal privacy and national security perspectives so resolution and clarity may take some time. Many litigators and investigators are, in the meantime, reeling in murky waters of uncertainty.

How effective are the alternative data transfer mechanisms? What are their limitations and how can these be addressed? Are there any new options available? Are different strategies needed for investigations as compared with discovery for litigation?

In the December EDRM webinar sponsored by EDT, an international panel as they conferred on the key considerations and practical options for trans-Atlantic litigation and investigations in light of the recent judgment by the Court of Justice for the European Union.

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