EDT Musings: Our Adventures at Legaltech New York

Two weeks have passed since Legaltech and our international team who gathered in New York are now scattered back across the globe, re-charged from the experience and ready to take on the year with gusto!

It was fabulous to get many of our senior team members together to welcome our new US based recruits and celebrate our 14th year in business. The celebration kicked off on the eve of Legaltech with over 100 of our global business partners, clients and industry colleagues joining us at a Mid-town NYC speakeasy to share cocktails and be moved by the gloriously gritty and soulful tunes of NY based entertainer, Cunio.

Also during LTNY, we were delighted to host our first official international user group meeting (we have, technically had a couple of these meetings in the past but they were, er, held in a bar so they probably don’t count). Our clients and partners caught a preview of our latest major release, Version 5, which created quite a buzz. They also exchanged experiences surrounding their use of EDT, discussed best practices and provided us with valuable input into our future development plans.

We announced our newest alliance on the first day of the conference sharing the news that KPMG Canada has teamed with EDT to offer Managed Services that are uniquely positioned in the market. We are delighted to be working with them and will be making more announcements regarding our alliance over the coming months.

A totally inconsiderate act by the European Commission and the US DOC rocked the Women in eDiscovery Thursday afternoon panel that was focused on Safe Harbor and was moderated by our CEO, Jo Sherman. They announced their new Privacy Shield pact just 24 hours before the WIE presentation – without even consulting our panelists or providing us with any prior warning! Rude if you ask us. This made for an interesting session as their meticulously prepared presentation was rendered effectively obsolete and they had no choice but to free form, which was quite an adventure.

We enjoyed participating in the Future of eDiscovery Roundtable event at the Iguana Club (thank you Tom Barnett and Stephen Whetstone for inviting us) and from our cozy little posy at the London hotel, we hosted many prospective clients for back to back demonstrations throughout the week.

A highlight for us, in addition to all this, was the sneak preview into the fascinating study that has been undertaken by Anne Kershaw’s team at Reasonable Discovery, to show the power of effective legal analysis, using EDT. The report is due for launch at Legaltech West Coast in June so stay tuned!

To those who joined us in person, we thank you. We hope you enjoyed.

Check out some of our favorite moments below. If you did not have an opportunity to catch up with us during Legaltech, reach out to us to schedule a meeting.

By the way, we’re already planning 2017.


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