EU Data Protection Seminar In NYC hosted by UK partner Altlaw

Many US and global corporations struggle to establish data collection and management solutions that will comply with strict EU Data Protection directives. On Wedensday evening our UK based partner, Altlaw, hosted a seminar at the NYC offices of Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP to canvass this topic. Panelists were Brian Corbin Vice President, Discovery Program Manager from JP Morgan Chase, Ignatius Grande, Senior Discovery Attorney, Hughes Hubbard and Reed LLP, Patrick Burke Senior Counsel, Sefarth Shaw LLP, Mike Taylor, i-lit limited and our CEO & Founder, Jo Sherman.

There was a particularly candid and stimulating debate between panelists and the participants with valuable insights from corporate attendees. Some efficient, practical and creative strategies were proposed for managing cross border litigation and investigations. Altlaw Managing Director, Matt Altass, introduced the seminar by talking about the increasing demand for portable solutions for EU cases where you need to take the tools to the data rather than the data to the tools and Jo provided insight into the use of EDT’s portable solution for such cases.

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