EU Data Protection projects require a rethink

While it’s encouraging to hear the new EU-US Privacy Shield announcement, it’s clearly going to take some time for the details to be ironed out given the transatlantic consultation that will be necessary.

In light of the uncertainty surrounding the Privacy Shield, the fragility of other data transfer options, and the looming EU General Data Protection Regulation, it’s inevitable that more ediscovery and investigation projects will be run in situ in Europe in the future rather than collecting data for transfer back to the US. That is likely to have significant ramifications for many global corporations and service providers.

Our CEO, Jo Sherman, recently wrote an article for Ethics Intelligence about the changing EU-US data protection landscape. It can be found here..

Altlaw, an EU based service provider and consulting firm, is an early mover, responding to the changing landscape with a new offering specifically suited to EU data protection scenarios. Their ‘take your tools to the data’ approach, powered by a portable deployment of EDT Software avoids data transfer altogether so that entire projects can be efficiently serviced on-site in the EU – from collection to analysis, review and production.

Then there is the Managed Service offering by KPMG in Canada. Also powered by EDT software, this solution is particularly suited to situations where the data cannot be brought into the US but can be transferred instead to a jurisdiction that is deemed by the European Commission to have appropriate data protection safeguards in place. This means the data can be transferred out of the EU so that entire projects, right through to analysis, review and production, can be cost effectively run proximate to the US.

In the increasingly complex and ever evolving domain of international data protection, solutions like these are the future.

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