Is Canada the new Safe Harbor? Ask KPMG.

With the hullabaloo that has gone on since the collapse of Safe Harbor for data transfers from the EU, it might be a good time for US companies to start renewing friendships with organizations located in countries close to the US that have been deemed by the EU to have adequate privacy protections, like Canada.

Can the land of maple syrup help corporations out of sticky EU data privacy situations?

In some cases it may be logistically and culturally less challenging to transfer European data to Canada for analysis and review rather than running entire projects in the EU. This may be worth considering, given the fragility other alternatives, such as binding corporate rules and model contracts, and while we wait for the elusive Safe Harbor 2.0 to materialize.

A timely launch then for KPMG Canada’s new Managed Service offering which promises clients predictable, transparent and affordable pricing and complete control throughout the whole life cycle of their cases.

All on servers owned and controlled by KPMG, in Canada.

EDT Software is one of the products available via this innovative new pay-as-you-go model which enables clients to perform administration tasks that were previously outsourced to service providers. They can set up new users and cases, change access privileges, process data and undertake early case assessment activities, without incurring any additional fees and it’s an elastic service that can easily expand and contract as volumes change.

New challenges call for fresh thinking and innovative models and in that context it seems KPMG Canada is well ahead of the game.

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