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David Clark speaks with Tom O'Connor
Live from ILTACON19

David Clark is the IT Director at the Utah Bar, which is the regulatory organization for all of the attorneys who practice in one way or another in the State of Utah. David is very active in ILTA at both the local and national levels. He has been in technology since 1985 where he worked for one of the first Novell Distributors and became one of the first CNE's and the very first CNI from Novell. David has been supporting law firms and legal entities since 1989. He has been involved with document management systems since 1990 when SoftSolutions got their start integrating with Wordperfect 5.1. He has done work in many of the largest law firms around the country and was the IT Director for two of the largest law firms in Utah since 1999. In this interview, David discusses the conference and what he is seeing both in changes over the years and new features at ILTACON19 as well as the technology level of current law firms.
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Should litigators think like investigators when using eDiscovery tools?

Blindly applying the hammer of keywords in e-discovery cannot be the only tool in the “litigator’s toolkit”.
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Mr Z announces attendance at New York Legal Tech Conference

Mr Z has announced that he will attend LegalTech New York City from 31 January to 2 February 2017 as a distinguished guest of EDT Software.
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Is it time to drop the ‘e’ from eDiscovery?

The vast majority of original evidence is electronic. Paper documents are now the exception rather than the rule. Has the "e" in e-discovery become superfluous?
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What’s a Zebra got to do with e-discovery?

Since we chose Mr Z as our new corporate mascot we have been asked a predictable question on more than a few occasions; Why a zebra? Here's what he symbolizes.
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WOW! Thanks Dave!

We were so delighted to see our client David Lapresi, e-discovery and Litigation Support Manager at Phillips Lytle LLP post this thank you note to LinkedIn.
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