Turbulent Sea in the Safe Harbor. Is there a lifeboat for EU data?

A little more then a month after the European Court of Justice declared invalid the Safe Harbor data-transfer agreement that governed EU data flows across the Atlantic for some fifteen years,

There has been fervent debate since the 6 October 2015 decision of the European Court of Justice to the effect that the Safe Harbor regime no longer provides adequate privacy safeguards for companies transferring data from the EU to the US.

Is there an opportunity to Think Differently here? Are we asking the wrong question, at least in relation to data transfers for litigation and investigations?

Instead of focusing upon the transfer of data back to the US, perhaps the issue can be avoided altogether by performing the necessary work (process, analysis, review and production), wherever possible, on site, in Europe instead of shipping it back to the US.

This video presents our perspective and proposes one way to navigate the turbulent seas.

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