What’s a Zebra got to do with e-discovery?

Since we chose Mr Z as our new corporate mascot we have been asked a predictable question on more than a few occasions; Why a zebra?

Well, first and foremost we chose the zebra because we like him. We really like him. And, we are going to be seeing a lot of him at EDT so that’s important!

Seriously though, we actually chose the zebra because he symbolizes clarity, adaptability, differentiation and black and white simplicity.

These are fundamental design tenets for our software engineers. They are inspired to build software that is simple to use yet has all the features you need. At EDT we do not over-engineer.

These themes are also consistent with the way we like to do business – pricing clarity because it’s transparent, simple and fair, deployment options that adapt to suit different client needs (on premise, cloud, portable, hosted) and differentiation through a dramatically better workflow than is traditionally embraced in e-discovery.

More importantly however, these themes seem to resonate for many of our clients who need to adapt to compete in a changing, complex and commoditized market.

We’d love to know what you think!

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