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Powerful & Simple to Use

A Full Lifecycle Solution for Litigation and Investigations

Since 2002 EDT has established an international reputation as a premier provider of end-to-end software to manage disputes, investigations, and litigation. 

EDT - Interview with Jo Sherman

 To learn more about EDT, please watch this short video. 

Features include:

  • Analyse, filter and cull data at the earliest stages possible
  • A single database integrates all EDRM functions - processing, analysis, review and production 
  • Support for Trial preparation, exhibit management and eHearings 
  • Unicode compliant and customizable language indexing for foreign language document review
  • Early Case Analysis - even during data ingestion
  • Cost Effective SAAS offering - no Gigabyte pricing
  • And so much more... 

EDT is trusted by an international blue chip client base including GLOBAL 100 law firms, top tier accounting firms, corporations,  regulatory agencies, forensic experts and consulting service providers.  With offices and clients throughout South East Asia, the United Kingdom, EMEA, the United States and Canada, EDT is committed to enable clients to implement best practices in eDiscovery.

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Tom O'Connor EDT Testimonial


Tom O'Connor

Founder and Director, Gulf Coast Legal Technology Center




"In early 2018, I was retained to assist a client in a major litigation matter. They were using EDT and I had to jump right in to a 1TB + sized database with nothing but the training manual and the help system. Fortunately EDT is extremely easy to learn and use so I hit the ground running and we ended up with a successful outcome for the client. But during the engagement I realized there were many more features to EDT than I had used and I decided to begin training certification in order to truly understand the full breadth of the feature set. Having the Review certification has helped me assist other clients since that first engagement and I plan on continuing with the remainder of the certifications to make my depth of knowledge on the product even greater."

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Offer is valid until 31 August 2020 and includes the CER and CEA courses.