Cutting-edge legal software platform for eDiscovery, litigation and investigations.

EDT Software is a cutting-edge legal software platform for eDiscovery, litigation and investigations.

EDT integrates eDiscovery activities end-to-end from processing to analysis, review, production and presentation in court. Finally, you have all the features you need to run your whole case end-to-end without any data movements, saving time and money and reducing complexity.

Learn more about the problems with traditional eDiscovery compared with EDT's end-to-end approach here.

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Ingest large volumes of data. Fast.

  • Hundreds of file types are supported including Lotus Notes, forensic images, EDB, PDF portfolios, etc.
  • Import all kinds of load files, including Summation, Relativity, Concordance, Ringtail, Excel, CSV and more
  • Analyze or review data during ingestion – no need to wait for processing to finish

Many ingestion tools at your disposal.

  • Eliminate system files, duplicates, files outside relevant date ranges
  • Use our integrated OCR to make scanned documents searchable
  • Provide passwords for password-protected files
  • Extract embedded files and maintain container relationships
  • Select fields used for MD5# algorithm to detect duplicates
  • Detect items that have been deleted from email boxes
  • Geo-location metadata is extracted from JPG images (longitude, latitude and altitude)

Ingestion is made much easier:

  • Quickly load data into multiple cases (or multiple datasets) concurrently
  • Capture configuration options in templates to ensure easy re-use and consistency
  • Automate data ingestion via a Command Line Interface


Analyze data and check proportionality in your matter.
  • Perform deep-dive iterative analysis and sampling using
    • ‘Find Similar’ near-dupe features
    • Concept clusters and keyword iterations
    • Correspondence analysis charts
    • Email threading
    • Domain analysis
    • Name normalization via our expanded Alias feature
  • Automatic calculation of cost impact of document volumes based on proposed filters
  • Ability to quickly cull or prioritize documents for review
  • Take a quick peek at document contents during analysis
  • Easy to detect and suppress irrelevant files (logos, signature files etc.)
  • Detect languages using our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm


Review & classify documents

  • Easy to use review directly from your web browser
  • EDT’s search interface is extremely intuitive and powerful
  • No load file processing is required prior to review
  • Global searching is available from the Case list page which allows users to perform a keyword search on the full text index across all cases they have permission to see

Market leading review tools include:

  • Review and redact near-native files using our built-in HTML5 Viewer
  • All files, even Excel, can be redacted without conversion to image format
  • Customize screen layout and content to accommodate different users
  • Full access to analytics for documents in review stage 
  • Change early culling filters with one-click demotion back to Analysis


Produce document exports quickly - anytime during the case.

  • Export documents in all standard load file formats (Relativity, Concordance, Ringtail, Summation, Excel, CSV, DOJ, SEC, CSV etc.)
  • Full audit trail makes it easy to see produced versions and history for each document
  • Flexible Bates numbering including the ability to assign new production numbers
  • Create TIFF or PDF images in advance or on the fly
  • Customize placeholders and slip-sheets for any file type
  • Apply permanent redactions and remove underlying text at production time
  • Concurrent, distributed processing for large productions and tight deadlines


Prepare for trial and present documents in court. 

  • Automatically update exhibit list during trial
  • Create, merge, and split exhibits real-time, during the hearing 
  • Create custom fields to manage exhibits before and during trial
  • Build chronologies and link documents to events 
  • Automatic hyperlinks to document references in transcript, submissions, and affidavits

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