Announcing our new Version 6!

We are so excited about the features we are adding to our e-discovery software platform with the imminent release of Version 6.

Can’t wait to show it to you!

Enhanced analytics

  • Enhanced Email thread analysis
  • ‘Find Similar’ documents feature
  • Concept Clustering
  • Correspondence & Domain Analysis Charts

Integrated HTML5 near native document viewer:

  • Enhanced redaction and annotation capabilities.
  • Redact or annotate native documents – no need to generate images for redaction during review
  • Even Excel files can be redacted without conversion to image format

Processing & Forensic Enhancements:

  • Automate distributed productions – prioritize tasks across computing resources
  • Suppress irrelevant files like logos and signatures file and improved handling of calendar items
  • Ingestion of Microsoft Exchange Database (.EDB) files and PDF Portfolios
  • Recover deleted items from EDB, PST and OST email database files
  • Initiate data ingestion from a Command Line Interface (CLI)

Press Contact

Gayle O'Connor
Phone: 1 206 356 7688

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