EDT Releases Version 5.0—Next generation Litigation and Investigation Software

The latest release from EDT Software brings faster processing, smarter analytics, and an enhanced workflow.

New York, NY—May 27, 2016—EDT  Software announced today the release of version 5.0 of its case management software for litigation and investigations. The new version enhances eDiscovery processing, analysis, review and production via a slew of new features such as:

    • Introduction of HTML5 near native document viewer, removing the need to generate images prior to review and redaction.
    • Lightning fast, distributed processing for both on-premises and cloud deployments and support for elastic cloud based computing resources that are able to scale up or down to accommodate peak processing periods.
    • More streamlined and intuitive integration between Processing, Analysis, Review and Administration modules via a single web interface.

“We continue to listen to our clients to determine how to enhance our software to meet their evolving eDiscovery, litigation and investigation needs. Version 5.0 provides faster and more robust processing than ever, both in the cloud or on-premises, and delivers an enhanced workflow for analysis and review via the new near-native viewer,” said Blare Sutton, Director of Consulting and Technical Services at EDT Software. “This is a fantastic update to our software and many of our partners and clients are already preparing for their upgrades.”

About EDT Software

For over a decade, EDT Software has established an international reputation in relation to its end-to-end software that manages eDiscovery, investigations, and litigation. EDT has been embraced by a world-wide client base including GLOBAL100 law firms, top tier accounting firms, corporations, government agencies, forensic experts and consulting service providers. For more information about EDT Software, visit https://discoveredt.com/.

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