EDT Software Appoints Emma Walsh as Strategic Consultant

EDT Software is pleased to announce the appointment of Emma Walsh in the US based role of Strategic Consultant.

With over 10 years’ experience as both a litigator and legal technology consultant at a national law firm in Australia, Emma spent many years working on large international class action and product liability cases.

After developing her eDiscovery experience as an attorney, she moved into the legal technology and data management domain.

Emma shared, “I’m delighted to join EDT, and I look forward to working with the talented and dedicated team as we continue to grow and build our global presence. This position provides me with the unique opportunity to work with EDT’s partners and clients to help them achieve both excellent results and savings through EDT Software.”

Based in New York City, Emma will be responsible for client training, workflow analysis and the provision of advice regarding product development priorities and directions. She will also help to manage many of EDT’s key client and partner relationships.

The addition of Emma Walsh to the EDT Software team reinforces the firm’s commitment to providing clients with cutting edge software for their eDiscovery, litigation and investigation projects.

Learn more about the EDT Software team here. For more details on the solutions available from EDT Software, explore our website or contact Sales at sales@discoveredt.com.

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