Reasonable Discovery, LLC Selects EDT Software to Power Its Consulting Services

Reasonable Discovery chooses EDT for its powerful Early Case Assessment and Analyst feature to reduce clients’ litigation spend and provide superior data management capabilities.

New York, NYJune 21, 2016—Reasonable Discovery, LLC a New York based consulting group founded by industry thought leader, Anne Kershaw, has selected EDT Software to power its niche eDiscovery services including Early Case Assessment.

“We are committed to showing our clients how to slash their litigation spend and to think differently about the way they manage large datasets for eDiscovery or data disposition,” said Kershaw. “Secure cloud computing, more than 20 years of data analytics experience, and EDT’s superior analysis tools allow us to affordably and confidently find the documents we need, before any significant costs have been incurred. This, together with EDT’s integrated processing, review and production functionality, position us to provide our clients with a superior workflow and savings throughout a case’s life cycle.”

Early Case Assessment is a lost art,” states Jo Sherman, founder and CEO of EDT Software.

Early Case Assessment (or ECA), the process for leveraging data analytics to find responsive documents and remove irrelevant documents, has evolved to offer capabilities for eDiscovery and document classification at a fraction of the costs historically incurred for traditional and less-effective, less defensive processes.

Sherman added, “Many practitioners apply analytics to cull data too late in the process, after the data has been processed into a review platform. That’s not ECA. It’s Too Late Case Assessment (TLCA) because significant costs have already been incurred processing irrelevant data. Anne and her team at Reasonable Discovery understand this and are ahead of the curve in reintroducing the critical role of lawyers as analysts. We are delighted to be working with them to promote this fresh thinking in the industry.”

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About Reasonable Discovery

Founded in 2007, Reasonable Discovery, LLC provides lawyers and strategists who use litigation expertise and mastery of current technologies to provide clients with flexible, powerful solutions for collecting, interrogating and managing data. Using data to its full advantage doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. With Reasonable Discovery, every case and every client has a reasonable and formidable alternative. For more information, visit

About EDT Software

For over a decade, EDT Software has established an international reputation in relation to its full lifecycle software that manages eDiscovery, investigations, and litigation. EDT has been embraced by a world-wide client base including GLOBAL100 law firms, top tier accounting firms, corporations, government agencies, forensic experts, consultants and service providers. For more information, visit

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