Our Partners

Our international network of EDT partners are highly respected service providers and consulting firms with a commitment to deliver great outcomes for their clients.  We love working with them and they inspire us to continually adapt and to strive for excellence.  In our increasingly competitive and commoditized market, we understand their passion to differentiate and we are totally committed to their success.

Most of our partners use EDT to deliver proven, transactional, case-by-case hosted solutions while more recently some of our partners are reselling edt.BLUE to power their managed services. Contact us to find out about our partner program today!

Dominic Jaar

EDT Software is one of the few solutions offering A to Z litigation and eDiscovery support (from data ingestion, ECA, processing, review, and analysis through production) within a single platform all without the need to export and import, or acquire different modules to benefit from a complete solution.

Dominic Jaar, Forensics Technology Services – KPMG Canada

John Minn | EDT User testimonial

Our New Zealand clients want discovery solutions with affordable, predictable and transparent pricing. They understand the need to do early case assessment (“ECA”) to reduce data volumes early and keep costs proportionate. We chose EDT because it not only puts the ECA process firmly in the hands of the legal team but also because the ECA features are integrated into a full featured review platform. That means no load files and we don’t need to shuffle data around from a processing & ECA platform to a separate review platform. That reduces complexity and saves our clients time and money.

John Minn, Partner – McGrath Nicol

Neil Pratt, Global Account Director, Bell Integration, UK

We’ve partnered with EDT to deliver enterprise wide deployment of EDT software in the UK public sector. The EDT team are highly credentialed and professional and the product itself has been extremely well received by clients due to its powerful features and intuitive interface. With its ‘Bring Your Own Infrastructure’ (BYOI), Portable, and SAAS offerings, EDT is well ahead of the competition in terms of efficient and proven deployment options for litigation and investigations.

Neil Pratt, Global Account Director - Bell Integration, UK

susan Bennett

In large litigation matters, early case assessment is important tool to assist in the setting of realistic objectives. This involves an assessment of all relevant facts and issues including understanding the likely volume of documents to be discovered, reviewing critical documents, and speaking to critical witnesses in order to make an early assessment of likely outcomes. A realistic estimate of the costs will ensure more informed decisions are made about both managing and/or resolving litigation.

Susan Bennett, LLM (Hons), MBA, Principal & Director - Sibenco Legal & Advisory

shawn huston

EDT is a powerful ECA platform for Relativity. It gives deep insight into the collected data and enables litigators to make informed culling decisions at the very beginning of the case. They can see the impact of their proposed keywords, date, document type and other filters before they are applied by showing the numbers of responsive documents and enabling them to drill down into the content of those documents. They can iterate through alternative filters many times over until they settle on those they wish to apply. This really puts ECA in the hands of the legal team. It delivers enormous savings because intelligent culling and prioritization takes place prior to the creation of the Relativity load files and that, in turn, means lower processing and data hosting costs, not to mention enormous reductions in review time and cost.

Shawn Huston, Founder & CEO - Legal Support Partners

Darren Hopkis crop

Our firm has used EDT for a number of years and we have gradually used the platform more and more across the full life cycle of investigation and litigation projects. In my view, it’s an excellent value proposition given its full feature set and the easy, transparent pricing model which allows multiple users and processing machines without any additional charge.

Darren Hopkins, Director - McGrathNicol


EDT is a game changer. It offers early data culling capabilities that dramatically reduce costs and the insight it provides into the facts at an early stage in the case positions our firm to help settle cases earlier and with great outcomes.

Anne Kershaw, CEO - Reasonable Discovery and Adjunct Professor - Columbia University

Crystal O'Donnell

Our innovative approach to discovery review is perfectly aligned with EDT’s flexible architecture. Our emphasis on iterative analysis throughout the discovery review is supported by EDT’s workflows and functionality. By implementing best practices, the efficiencies are considerable. It is a breath of fresh air to work with a software provider that thinks differently and fully supports ground breaking processes.

Crystal O’Donnell, CEO and Senior Legal Counsel - Heuristica Discovery Counsel