EDT software incorporates Early Case Assessment ('ECA') and processing functionality and interfaces with third party review platforms. 

Analysis tools provide early insight into your collected data. This enables you to conduct iterative analysis and sampling so you can cull with confidence then process your selected data into a load file designed to suit your target review platform.

Stop processing, hosting and reviewing irrelevant data

Intelligent, insightful culling can be achieved before the data is imported into your review software platform. This reduces processing and hosting costs and review time.

Many firms make important data culling decisions before they have any real insight into their data. Other solutions may enable you to reduce your volume to a ‘proportionate’ number but if you can’t dive into the contents of documents then how can you have confidence you are retaining the right documents for review? There’s no point achieving a proportionate volume with the wrong documents!

EDT provides lawyers or investigators with true insight, very early, so they can confidently filter out the irrelevant material and prioritize the documents that are most likely to be relevant before the review gets underway. This is achieved through iterative analysis and quick peek sampling of document contents.

Download our ECA and Processing brochure and watch our short video of a case study with Allen & Overy to see how they saved huge costs by utilizing EDT for ECA. 

Case Study

International law firm Allen & Overy LLP illustrating the benefits of Early Case Analysis using EDT Software.

Access to original data anytime

With EDT, you can circle back to dip into the original corpus of data again as culling decisions require tweaking over time, even after review is well underway.

Deeper reduction in irrelevant data

A 30% more intensive culling strategy was possible because the lawyers were able to control the process and explore the data fully before confidently applying the filters.

No processing
for review

Removal of the processing cost to re-create a load file for the review platform (Usually this ranges between $200 and $375 per GB)