EDT includes a robust processing engine that can be used with powerful Analytics to reduce eDiscovery costs. 

Native electronic data, forensic images and load files can be rapidly ingested and load files can be easily produced in formats like Relativity®, Ringtail, Concordance® and Summation. 

Standard eDiscovery processing functionality is available including:

  • System file detection and removal (de-NIST)
  • Duplicate file detection (keeping families of emails and attachments together)
  • Email thread detection
  • Integrated OCR 
  • Metadata and full text extraction
  • Exception handling reports and scripts for corrupt, passworded or problem files  

EDT can be used as a simple 'in-and-out' processing platform ingesting raw data and producing load files without any data culling.  Alternatively, the integrated analytics can be leveraged to perform early case analysis to cull irrelevant data.

Integrated Analytics

Analytics may be optionally used within the processing workflow to provide early insights via iterative, investigation so you can cull with confidence. For example:

  • Test effectiveness and proportionality of proposed keywords 
  • Investigate concept clusters 
  • Use real time budget calculators to assist with proportionality assessments
  • Drill into graphical representations of correspondence between Persons of Interest or domains
  • Review key evidence in chronological order 
  • Identify and remove spam or irrelevant content 
  • Take a quick peek at document contents 
  • Find ‘similar documents’ for any hot document
  • Normalize multiple email addresses and names used for Persons of Interest
  • Identify languages appearing within documents
  • Conduct domain analysis 
  • Conduct privilege analysis  

Stop processing, hosting and reviewing irrelevant data

Intelligent, insights and confident culling can be achieved before the data is imported into your review software, reducing processing, hosting costs and review time.

Many firms make important data culling decisions before they have any real insight into their data. If you can’t dive into the contents of documents to test your keywords and other culling criteria before applying them, then how can you have confidence you are retaining the right documents for review? There’s no point achieving a proportionate volume if you’re left with the wrong documents!

EDT provides lawyers and investigators with true insight, early, so they can confidently filter out the irrelevant material and prioritize the documents that are most likely to be relevant before the review gets underway. .

Integrated Review 

Of course, if you don't want to export data to a third party review platform you could always leave it in EDT and conduct the review using our powerful integrated review platform.  The choice is entirely yours!